03 9310 AMPS
10am - 7pm


At Eight T we work on all guitar & bass amplifiers and effects.

(NOTHING ELSE so please don’t call asking if I can work on other items, PA's, mixers, power amps etc)

  • Replacing tubes, correctly biasing & burning in.
  • Replacement transformers, direct replacement or we can design one to your liking that will improve your tone.
  • Transistor Amps not a problem
  • Need a pot replaced? (not big on cleaning them as its only a short term solution)
  • Or your amp has a different issue call & we can get it fixed

All worked performed by qualified electronics engineer with 10 years experience at the Dept of Defence any form of repair or modification is possible. Specializing in Fender (vintage & current) and Marshall and tube amps in general. You tell me what you want to hear, i'll help you mod it. 

Being a guitar player myself, its not just about using test equipment & signal generators to repair electronics, it's about repairing the item and getting it to sound the best it can, just because its electrically working doesn't mean it sounds it's best!

Spare parts for tube amps kept in stock, JJ tubes, reverb tanks, pots etc


Below is John Paul Jones SWR bass amp in the shop for repair, yes i am completely thrilled I have worked on gear for a member of Led Zeppelin!