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10am - 7pm


At Eight T guitars & Amplification we can perform all manner of repair or modification to your favourite instrument, any thing from a setup, pickup installation or re-fret.

  • Setups
  • Fret dressing
  • Re-fretting (my speciality with a high level of detail in getting it just right)
  • Pick up replacement
  • Routing modifications
  • Wiring modifications
  • Neck breaks
  • Floyd installations

You get the idea we can take care of all your needs (time allowing!)

Got a Floyd Rose? Eight T specializes in 80’s style guitars, floyd not returning to pitch, not staying in tune, maybe a route so you can pull back? Do you want a floyd installed into your favourite guitar? If you want that 80’s shred guitar back up to its full potential then Eight T is the place to get it serviced.

Of course I can also do all manner of repairs on your Fenders & Gibsons.